Asset Tracking with Google Maps

Learn how Google Maps Platform is being used to track physical resources, optimize fleet routing, and visualize connected assets with mapping & location data.

June 27th @ 11am PST / 2pm EST

Presented by Chris Ferraro, Google Maps Platform Team Lead @ Dito

Join our experts as we highlight the top ways Google Maps Platform is being used for Asset Tracking.

Accurate, real-time global location data for fleets, assets, and devices:

  • Understanding the differences between the pay-per-asset Asset Tracking license versus standard Google Maps Platform capabilities
  • Maximize your fleet with optimized routes for up to 25 waypoints with predictive and real-time traffic patterns
  • Track and visualize dynamic IoT assets with precision, or track static location-based resources for intelligent resource planning
  • How to rely on accurate location information from all over the globe to monitor, measure and track relevant data