Understanding the Facts & Impacts of Google's Recent G Suite Pricing Announcement

Jan 31st @ 11am PST / 2pm EST

Presenter: Evan Schmidt, Customer Engineer & G Suite Team Lead @ Dito

Hear from one of our certified G Suite experts about the upcoming price increase and what that means to your organization.

Given the pace of innovation and product enhancements over years, it was inevitable that Google Cloud would "play catch-up" with its pricing. 

Questions our current & prospective customers are asking us:

  • When does this go into effect?
  • How much will my price increase if I'm currently under contract?
  • Which SKUs are impacted?
  • What if my renewal is before vs. after the increase date?
  • How long can I lock-in the current pricing?
  • What new features did they add to justify this increase?
  • Can I still upgrade with the current price?